Fruit & Vegetables
directly from farmers
About us
POLISH-VEGETABLES.EU has started it's activity in 2014. We represent group of modern and middle size apples and vegetable producers from central Poland. Some vegetables we export are produced on our fields. We export our products to European supermarkets, importers and processing plants. 

We collect the vegetables from different growers and then transport them directly to the buyer. Customers can also pick up products themselves. We tend to keep the line between the grower and the customer as short as possible. This provides the customer with many advantages. Products are fresh and according to the specifications required by the customer. There is no unnecessary loading and unloading, which only leads to a loss of quality. Nevertheless, we have cold storege located in Bliźniew (98-285) for collecting and repacking  of vegetables when needed. 

From grower and packer to the customer, chain integration - that is the most effective logistical solution in current vegetables international trade !