Fruit & Vegetables
directly from farmers
About us

Beginning from 2014 our company works as a sales office for Polish farmers from the central part of Poland. All the farmers working with us must meet high requirements regarding production and storage of vegetables and apples. Part of the vegetables we export is produced on our fields located near Sieradz. In the period between 2014 till May 2024 we operated as ETP Dystrybucja Arkadiusz Antosik (EU VAT No. PL7811691869). From June 2024 we continue our activities as POLISH VEGETABLES SP. O.O. (VAT No. PL5361979901).

Thanks to more than 100 farms cooperating with us, we can regularly provide supermarkets, wholesalers and HOREca business from many European countries with fresh vegetables and apples. 50% of our deliveries are an form of mix trucks (2-5 products on the truck, 22-26 pallets). 

For our business partners we can offer deferred payment conditions if COFACE accepts their financial standing. On request of our customers we check the level of pesticides in exported products. In this aspect we cooperate with GBA Polska.   

Part of our loadings are done directly from the production places and transported by our trucks directly to our customers. In this way we reduce huge costs of maintenance (electricity, stuff) and avoid risk of damaging the products due to unnecessary reloadings. 

Only when we load vegetables (especially cabbage, Chinese cabbage, potatoes) produced by many farmers from Sieradz region, we use our cooling chambers.    

The video shows selected vegetable and apple loadings in 2023.

The video shows selected vegetable and apple loadings in 2022.