Fruits & Vegetables
directly from farmers
About us
ETP Dystrybucja  represents group of modern and middle size vegetable producers from central Poland. Some vegetables we export are produced on our fields. We export our products to European countries (mainly Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia but also Slovenia, England and Netherlands). Our products are sold in supermarkets and also offered to HORECA. Fresh fruit and vegetables we export can also be found in schools and hospitals in Baltic region.

We also supply production plants in foreign countries with cucumbers, onion, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. We take care to deliver only the products meeting strict sanitary requirements of the processing plants. 

We make only full – truck deliveries. There can be one till five products in one truck. Prices are negotiated and fixed before starting preparation of the products for loading and delivery. After confirming the order by our customer, goods are ready to dispatch in 2-3 days.

We deliver our products directly to our customers warehouses. Transportation costs are included into the final price. In the harvest time all the products we load are picked up one or two days earlier. As soon as they are harvested, our vegetables are cooled under optimal conservation conditions. After the harvest all vegetables are kept in climate-controlled warehouses. All producers we represent and cooperate with maintain ideal conservation conditions by controlling the ventilation, humidity and temperature. All producers we cooperate with must meet modern production and storing conditions.

To our business partners from European Union we offer deferred payment conditions after positive verification by COFACE - export credit insurance company we cooperate with.

We specialize in export of the following products:
white cabbage, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, onion, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes and apples.